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My GPU is dead?


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Hello guys,

i've been using my laptop from 2006 without almost any problems, but today, while i was surfing the net, my monitor just stop. After hard reboot, i used to see my bios screens and the windows xp loading screen, but after that, again - just black screen.

I was trying to go in safe mode, and it's working, but only in VGA mode (very bad picture quality). I was trying a couple ot new drivers, but the results was the same - windows logo and just black screen. Safe mode - only in VGA. I've even try do put the original FCS drivers, but the end results was the same. When i am in safe mode, the system see that there is GeForce GO 7600.

After a couples of tries, i swich OF my lappi for a couple ot hours. After next start, the old results was the same, plus some badly artefacts even on windows xp loading screen.

Is my GPU RIP? My lappi is MXM 2 and 3, so i can update eventually my video, but thats not the purpose of my questions.

We are talking about FCS Amili pi 1556 - Core 2 Duo T550, 2GB ram, GeForce GO 7600.

Thanks in advance and congtrats from Bulgaria.

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Probably the video memory got screwed. You need a new video card or a new laptop.

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Unfortunately that is true !!! :)

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