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artifacts/spikes in directx games only


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Hi everyone, I have a new laptop

System Manufacturer Gateway

System Model P-7805u

System Type x64-based PC

it has a nvidia geforce 9800m gts video card, and I am using nvidias' 179.48 drivers with it. I'm having spikes in anything that uses directx, which all the games and software I have that use opengl run flawlessly for hours, Does anyone one know what the problem might be? :) my cry 4 and second life are two of the afflicted directx games while left 4 dead and zbrush(modeling highpoly meshes for long periods of time) never fault at all. any help anyone might off would be great, I'm on vista 64 and most of the things I see on the net are aimed at the more friendly to mod xp. I thought it could be my card being faulty or the powersupply but I don't understand how it runs some software perfectly for hours if thats the case. I don't overclock this machine and for good measure I bought a cooling pad with two fans in it for it to sit on so I don't think its a heating problem. any ideas or help would be appreciated.

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First, try another driver, the link below, and give write or something has changed, buddy!

Drivers sometimes damage, nothing to be done, unfortunately. Write part of something has changed as not, we will continue to think !

I recommend this driver !


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thanks radixxx,

I have tried several drivers. and I tried the one you suggested just now, the problem remains. I have found it happens the least with the 179.48 drivers. Just looking for any kind of settings it might be, as anything not using directx is artifact free. thanks though for the suggestion.

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If you are more descriptive about the problem, and the settings you currently use, then you'll probably get more suggestions.

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I don't know what more to say frankly.. spiking.. as though polygons are shooting from the characters in the games, not a lot but enough to be annoying, commonly thought as an over heating/overclocking issue, neither of which can be the case for me. as for settings, they are as I have said basically,,, I have tried the games/software on every availible setting it has, nothing stops them, tried driver after driver only to find the latest nvidia driver seems to respond the best, yet the spikes are still there at a lower rate, and it only happens when directx is in use. if the game or software using open gl, no artifact spiking. dxdiag says directx is fine, but its almost like its corrupt or conflicting with something. Since I have posted I have tried using riva tuner to over and under clock it but neither has any effect on this spiking. I haven't use riva tuner any more then that as I don't really know the ins and outs well and I'm not really looking to overclock it anyway.

I can't be any more descriptive, because the problem doesn't make any sense, if it was on opengl software as well I would assume the card is faulty, however it doesn't happen in software not using directx. and even with the spiking on directx games, the game or software runs very fast with no trouble outside of the artifacts. I was considering system restore but it was like this out of the box so I don't know what good it would do, and reinstalling directx is tricky/dangerous from what I have read on various forums.

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Got some artifacting from mine as well, when I first started using it thought it was a driver problem as well... continued on using it past the 14 day bestbuy return policy and I've now found I have a bad memory sector in the graphics card. Not to say you have the same but I've sent mine in and they have just ordered a new mobo for it. guess I was right with mine :-) little frustrating but fixable. check your graphics mem

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