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259EN1 goes 9500M GS with no probs


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Just wanted to let you guys know that the Uniwill grandmother (Cebop Hel, Alienware M5500) of MXM works with the 9500M GS AcerBios (which is basically a relabeled 8600M GT).

Had to mill off the heatsink to make room for a substantially higher chip, but apart from that it was an easy swap.

Idle temps are a bit high for my taste (65-70) but under full load I only get round low 80ish (aluminium and thermal goo mod, no pad). So I'm pleased with this rather cheap upgrade. 11074 3D Mark 03 , 75000 Aquamark 3 points.

O.K reapplied the goo and voila idle temps 62°-65° maxing out at 78° under load :)

P.S Overclocked to 615 Core 1230 Shader 460 Ram

12699 3d Marks 03 with Pinmodded Pentium M 735 @ 2260 MHz 1.26Volts

Temps Max GPU 81° CPU 75°

Not bad old lady, not bad!!

I'll stop here, she has done enough for today :)


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well done matey ^^

what about games? and not an synthetic benchmarks ?

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Actually, I chose 3D 2003 and Aquamark intentionally, since those older benchmarks are not as CPU dependant as the newer ones, so comparison between new machines and upgraded older models is more valid. I'll add the score 05 soon. Gaming is fine, great framerates 25-60 Bioshock maxed out, although I don't really care about the eye candy, but smoothness and fps. An even older benchie just to tease you: 3dmark01 yielded 22001 with 625 core and 450 Ram. Went down a bit, cos obviously I don't want to fry a brand new card, though temps are reasonably "low" with 81° C.

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Futuremark 05 @ 625 Core 450 Ram yielded 7878 points. Not too shabby for such an old machine.

Futuremark 06 @ 625 Core 440 Ram gave me 4096.



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