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Synaptics "scroll under pointer" not working correctly


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Hi all,

I have an HP dv5t with synaptics hardware v6.5. The drivers have an option to "scroll under mouse pointer" rather than the window that has focus. This is a great option, similar to how Linux works. However, it's very limited in the applications it works in. Windows explorer works ok, but others such as firefox don't.

Is there anyway to fix this?

Futher, the synaptics drivers must do something different than standard mouse drivers with respect to scrolling. Regardless of the scoll setting, other software such as TaekWindow, Katmouse, Wizmouse which can also enable "scroll under mouse pointer" don't work with the touchpad. They work fine with external mice attached. I've spoken to the TaekWindow developer, and he thought perhaps the Synaptics drivers were using a different win32 event to scroll. He made a test build using with these api calls but it made no difference. Does anyone know how to get the above software to work in all applications with the Synaptics drivers? Or a driver that will work? TaekWindow is a nice piece of software, and I would love to have it work with my touchpad.


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Guest Thiago CS

Synaptics drivers use ScrollUp and ScrollDown messages. A USB mouse driver uses MouseWheelUp and MouseWheelDown messages. These messages are at some point converted into scroll messades. WizMouse and alike programs watch for MouseWheel messages, which are never sent by Synaptics drivers. That's why WizMouse doesn't work.

I tried to make a program that watches globally for Scroll messages but no success so far because I can't get my program to have enough privileges :(

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