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Stand By + 8600M GT + XP64


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I tried DOX final drivers for XP64 : Stand By = Black Screen

I tried v179.48 XP 64bit | NVIDIA, 2009-01-30 : Stand By = Black Screen

I tried drivers from NVIDIA site : Stand By = Black Screen and a giant arse install package

I tried Uninstalling and using Driver Sweeper then Reinstalling NVIDIA official ones : same thing happened

Stand By Worked Before Reinstall of XP64SP2... and before reinstall I just installed newer drivers on top of older ones a few times... so... vanilla + driver = problem ...

What should I do?

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My advice: Uninstall your video drivers through the device manager ---> device properties ---> drivers

After you uninstall them, reboot and check the video device properties. If it comes up with Standard VGA or similar, the drivers are uninstalled. Then use driver sweeper to clean any last traces of the drivers such as reg. keys.

Then install the drivers that you intend to use.

The drivers that I have used that function with standby are the ones from nvidia (178.24) and Dox's 182.05, but I have vista so your results will probably be different.

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That did not work. :)

Have you tried to turn off powermizer? In my case it helped (8600 GS). You can use tool "Powermizer Switch" or make this via windows registry, then reboot. If it doesn't help, you should maybe contact your technical support with the problem... :)

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It says powermizer settings now found?? I am using 185.20_winxp64.

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