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7950 GX2 Dual card setup, a few questions plz


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I have had this Dell XPS 410 desktop setup for a few years and with all the advances in drivers, I was wondering what the ppl think is the best new driver, if there is one, for this old card setup.

I have dual cards with 512 on each, XP Pro OS and 5 gig ram on the MOBO.

I used to use coolbits for tweaking so is that still ok to use or is there something new in that world too? I tried Riva Tuner but I guess I don't get how that program works. Cool bits was so much easier for a sysop.

One last thing please, what are the best settings for clock and memory settings for the vid cards when tweaking? I have always taken the slider until it said it was near it's limit but I'm sure there is just a bit more of a technical path to consider this parameter.



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I have said it before and i will say it again, there is no best driver. But rather a best driver for a particular purpose. For a good all round driver for your card, i recommend 178.13.

in terms of overclocking, you never want to take the slider 'until it is near the limit' as this could fry your card if you not careful. What you can do is follow this guide and learn to overclock before you break something:


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Outstanding info...TY Andrew I will follow said guide.


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