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Did the GPU in my Amilo 1556 die on me?


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I tried this topic first in another forum without any answer.

I think the GPU (7600GS) in my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PI 1556 finally died.

There was a line in the LCD for 2 days and on the third day the screen filled with garbage and the laptop shut down.

When trying to turn it on it gives me a long beep (beep has disappeared now) and the indicator light in the center below the LCD blinks Long- Short - Short.

Is it time for me to shop another GPU or do you think the problem originates somewhere else?

Thanks in advance,


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Guest Guest

My first intention was a driver problem but when I read that you get a long beep at startup I assume that your BIOS detected an hardware error. I'm not sure but I think so.

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A classical case of Video RAM dying out. Although this is not always the case, what you describe is usually the result of a defective video card. So your assumption is correct.

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Guest Guest

my m5750 seems to have same like yours:

1) overheat whenever play 3d games

2) few weeks later has lines on the screen

3) now no more display and whenever boot up, it gives one long beep.

I changed the main memory and still same problem

now I need to try new video card and see if it fix the problem

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