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DellM1730 with 8700M GT Problems


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Hello All,

I have been having a problem with finding the correct driver for my computer I have tried several but everytime I fix one problem another one arises these are the problems I am having.

1) When the Computer boots up and stays on 640x480 until ForceWare X pops up the message about Improving Screen Resolution for it to change into my correct Resolution which is suppose to be 1900x1200. The only way the Resolution will change is if the ForceWare Notifies me, I cant not change it on the Nvidia Control Panel or under the Display Properties in Windows.

2) Even though the Driver is for 32-Bit it will only display 16-bit even on my correct Resolution

3) When exiting a game if it starts in 640x480 the computer when exiting will stay in 640x480 and I can not change it unless I reboot the computer and click on the Nvidia Taskbar notification about Improving Resolution.

OK here is what I have tried the following Nvidia Drivers 179.48, 179.44, 179.30, and 180.48.

The problem with all of them is the 1st and 3rd issue.

The problem with the 179.xx is the 2nd issue.

So Im not really sure what to do anymore looking for some direction on this issue.

Any Help with would be appreciative, if any additional information is need let me know.

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After trying out almost all the drivers I could find I still get the problem that I mentioned in issue number 1. But something interesting I noticed is that evertime I install a new driver I get a BSOD with a Bad_Pool_Caller error.

So now I'm not sure what to do.

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