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windows 7 problem

Guest fxliv

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Guest fxliv

I've been using windows 7 build 7000 for a long time with 185.20

Today I decided to install the 185.66 (big mistake)

I made a system restore point before doing anything

I uninstalled the driver, cleaned with driver sweeper and reboted, cleaned again then used have disk to install new driver , it gave me an error saying "access denied"

weird because UAC is off, and I'm an administrator.

the big problem is that now it does not let me instal ANY driver , ANYTHING I try ends with a acces denied error

now i'm stuck with the generic vga adaptor..

any help ? anyone ? I'm about to kick my laptop here

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Well i suggest that you don't re"boot" your computer hahaha sorry had to make a stupid kicking pun. Windows 7 has pretty temperamental restore functionality only thing i can suggest is doing a clean install again. And for your driver problem. After you activate your windows with a beta key (search around, there will be plenty or PM me and i just might have one lying around) go to windows update and there waiting for you should be driver version 181.71 waiting after you let it search for updates. This will install properly, it did for me and the performance blows any vista drivers in vista out of the water. See if this helps. Alternatively see if it just installs through windows update right now without doing the clean install...


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