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Black Screen upon playing game


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I'm playing a few games on 9650m GT with the latest directX etc etc, and all of a sudden it lead to black screen and looping of sound and the whole screen just blackout, and I've got to hard kill it by force restarting the whole laptop.

I've tried different kinds of nVidia drivers and of course the latest one as well.

I've tried reformatting and after it's cleanly and fully reformatted with all the basic drivers loaded, nothing else except cabal was installed.

I've tried underclocking my card to the lowest possible speed.

I've tried tweaking with the refresh rate of my LCD.

I've tried playing around with the resolutions of the screen etc.

I've tried googling insanely about this problem and found out many are also suffering the same symptoms as mine but no solutions thus far.

Specs are

Zepto Nexus A15 (Screen and GPU: WXGA 1280x800 + NVIDIA® 9650M GT 512MB GDDR3

CPU: Intel C2D P8400 2.26GHz 1066MHz 3MB 25W

RAM: 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 PC5300 667MHZ (1066MHz FSB)

Hard Drive: 250GB 5400rpm SATA

One of the finest specs around to game.

Anyone encountering the same problem kindly step forth and support.

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