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Reason behind my absence


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As most of you can tell I have been away for quite some time and the updates to the HP/Compaq INF has stagnated quite badly. There is a reason for this, if not several.

The biggest reason is I am now attending college full time and working as well which take up the better part of my day so I don't have as much time any longer to sit down at my workstation and gring away at the HP/Compaq INF to force it to work with newer drivers.

The second reason is, I honestly don't feel the need to continue the project, and I'll explain why, so don't get upset. Nvidia and HP/Compaq have been very good at getting driver released under WHQL status for the series of HP laptops and desktops they release drivers for. Being said that some very recent drivers can be found for mobility chipsets on WindowsUpdate and/or MicrosoftUpdate, as well as the HP website. This effectively defeats the purpose of my needed continuance with this effort to an extent. I understand that the vanilla drivers don't have all the switches and features I have included for a long time, but in actuallity since Nvidia introduced the Sadona Control Panel, effectively most deprecated features simply were written out. Now several legacy settings can be accessed by using tools like nHancer, the rest are fairly much long past gone. Features like VMR are now effectively done by Vista automatically as needed or accessed via the Media Players we use daily. Even at that PowerMizer and SmartDimmer were migrated into the Vista Power Settings Controls.

I honestly can't see why to continue an effort to forcefully install drivers that may or may not bring any additional benefits to hardware that isn't supported by the default INF. HP/Compaq and Microsoft do full and thorough testing of drivers before they release them publically. Chipsets like the 6x00 series and other motherboard GPUs are still supported by Nvidia due to they are Vista certified, so until this effort is halted by Nvidia and HP, I don't see a reason to continue it at this time. This may change but until then I can effectively say this project is discontinued.

If you feel you want to pick up my work and continue it, by all means do so.

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