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Hello. My name's Ryan. I'm from northeast Ohio, USA, and I am 28. :P Not much to say about me unless you want to ask; I've done my fair share of intros on other boards. :unsure:

I have a lot of experience with computers, electronics, technology, videogames, and message board forums. I also have a lot of staff experience such as administration and moderation and some news posting. I've been very familiar with IPB since the days it was free, and even further back all the way to version 1.2 (those were the days... good times... up until about version 2.0/2.1, that is). I'm looking forward to 3.0, but not to the skin changes it'll most likely bring with it. :unsure:

I don't do too much coding/programming, but took and learned some basics in college and learned some on my own. I most likely have the same interests as most geeks, so I won't get into that. :P

You may or may not know me from a few other boards, from AeroXP, BetaXP, GeekSmack, JCXP, joejoe, Next L3vel, Next-Tech, Neowin, VectorFive, The Vista Forums... probably some others I can't remember... been on staff at a few as well and had awesome experiences and training from my friends. :w00t:

As far as my real life, it's nothing special. Went back to college last month for a second degree and started a new job earlier this year. In my spare time I just hop on Steam and play Half-Life 2 Deathmatch or Left 4 Dead or Team Fortress 2. I also spend time with family and friends and guess what... I got a girlfriend. Yea, me... I did it, imagine that. I normally don't speak of my personal life that much because I don't expect many people to care or believe it, but whatever... I'm doing okay. :)

Yes, I like anime and RPG but not as much as some people may think. :)

As I said before, if there's anything about me you want to know, whether asking for advice on anything or just general bullshitting, feel free to ask. :unsure:

Seems I've rambled again like I often do, so that's about it from me. I'll see you guys around! :unsure:

Finally, to wrap this up, since we're all geeks here... :P





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