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9800M GT to HP Pavilion DV5 1179


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Hello mans, I have a question for You & I'm Searching a Answer alot of Times Without any Idea if I can do it , Right now I got 9600M GT (DDR2 512MB) in my Laptop (HP Pavilion DV5, 1179 EJ) 4Giga RAM - CPU P8400 2.26 - HDD 500Giga 7200, I really want to know if it's impossible to Upgrade my Graphic Card to other one like 9800M GT.

I hope u can tell me some information about that because , I'm really have Searching any Info about this alot of times , I have too post in this forum a question before 3/4 month without any Answer.

BTW Maybe u know how to Over Clock my Graphic Card better then now so If u got any of Idea please tell me.

Thanks alot. :)

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Most likely no. As far as I know HP does not use MXM.

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To overclock your video card download and install any drivers that have overclocking enabled (most of them and the official nvidia drivers) and get software that can overclock, RivaTuner (recommended), ATI tool etc.

For the clock rates, generally don't go over 20% higher than normal. Try aiming for the clock rates of a 9650m GT or 9700m GT

As for upgrading, you won't be able to because a 9600m GT is MXM II whilst a 9800m GT is MXM III/IV so a 9800 won't fit even if your laptop had MXM.

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HPs are non Upgradeable. Sorry.

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Except some are; 8510, 8710, Dragon and probably more. But may be well protected against other brands than HP/Compaq cards.

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