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STAC9250/9251 PINs/IDT


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00h Root Root Node

01h Audio Function Group Audio Function Group (AFG)

02h DAC0 Stereo Ouput to DAC

03h ADC0 Stereo Input from ADC

04h SPDIF_IN Stereo Input for SPDIF_In

05h SPDIF_OUT Stereo Output for SPDIF_Out

06h DAC0Mux DAC Mux and Boost for outputs for DAC

07h DigPin1 Pin Widget for SPDIF_In (pin 47)

08h DigPin0 Pin Widget for SPDIF_Out (pin 48)

09h ADC0VolMux ADC0 Volume

0Eh MasterVolume Master Volume Controls

0Fh InPortMux Port Mux for ADC0

0Ah Port A Port A Pin Widget (Pins 39/41, configurable as HP, Line In, Line Out, Mic)

0Dh Port D Port D Pin Widget (Pins 35/36, configurable as HP, Line In, Line Out, Mic)

0Ch Port C Port C Pin Widget (Pins 23/24, configurable as Line Out, Mic)

0Bh Port B Port B Pin Widget (Pins 21/22, configurable as Line Out, Mic)

10h MonoOut Mono Output from DAC

11h CD CD Pin Widget pins 18/19/20

12h MonoOutMix Mixer for Mono Ouput

13h Digital PC Beep Digital PC Beep

14h ADC0InMux Input Mux for ADC converter

15h DigMicPin Pin Widget for Digital Microphone (Pins 43/44/46 configurable as a Mic)

(STAC9251 only)

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