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Install procedure for hybrid graphics x64


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If after installing my driver with hybrid graphics option in Vista/Win7 x64

you have an error that the Nvidia driver cannot be enabled try the workaround found in this guide:

It seems the .sys files has to be "signed" to be enabled for your system.

This is not a driver bug but a vista/win7 x64 way of ensuring that the drivers are vista/win7 x64 compatible on your hybrid systems.

The drivers require a digital signiture before they can be loaded on boot. If there is no signiture then the Nvidia gpu will fail to initialise.

You can thank microsoft for this.

Do not worry though. After you have installed the drivers in the normal way follow these workarounds:

Work Around 1

-Reboot system

-On boot go into advanced boot options by tapping F8 repeatedly

-Choose disable driver signiture enforement

-The drivers should now work as it should

In this method you have to keep doing this after every reboot. But this is a good way to see whether the drivers will work on your system without much effort.

Work Around 2


-Download Driver Signiture Enforcement Overidder

-Run the program

-Select "EnableTest Mode" and follow on screen instructions

-Reboot your system and you will see test mode on the four corners of your desktop

-Open the program again and click "Sign a System File"

-Browse to these:



you'll need to sign both of them

-Select "Exit" and reboot

-Drivers should now work as it should.

To remove the watermark use This for windows 7

Make sure you select program to run as admin, press R and reboot.

With this workaround you dont need to keep pressing F8 each time to disable the microsoft driver enforcement.

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