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9650m gt o.c help

Guest ozan

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Hi, I have an Asus n50vn ,I want to o.c my 9650m gt, default clocks 550/1375/400 core/shader/mem. Default 3dmark06 score is near 4850 , with an %20 o.c on core and shader and %15 on mem results about 6000 3dmark score, its good:) But when Im playing empire total war with o.c'ed values , fps is drowing below default values and game began to opress vga . And I need more fps in games absoulutely,not in 3dmark. So what am I doing wrong, can you give me some tips about changing clocks? which clock is more important ? Should I change them with same ratio?

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Try lower overclock, you have to test yourself as the behaviour is individual for each hardware combination, where downclocking/software malfunction starts.

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Guest Guest

Poor you, it's just to bad to have a 9650M GT with crappy DDR2. I score more with my 9600M GT DDR3. Anyways try a moderate overclock if you want a stable framerate. It should work better. I don't go above 580/1450/900 my stock clocks were 500/1250/800.

If i were you i would'nt go above 620/1550/500 or 600/1500/500 for more stability.

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