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Ok guys... Help me :D


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Ok guys, I am pretty switched on when it comes to Desktop pc's so upgrading this laptop to me shouldnt have been to difficult.. *cough* as I am posting here, obviously I am not as good as one first thought :)

Problem: I have a 8400m GS according to BIOS on the Inspiron 1720, Device manager, GPU-Z, Si-soft sandra and NV tuner. Now I have bought a 8600M GT from a well known auction site and the p/no: suggests it is indeed a 8600M GT, but when I install it, bios see's its as the 8400m GS and all of the above did also. Now do i have the 8400M GS or don't I? The part numbers are different for the two cards? So I am stumped. Do Dell lock the bios so I cannot upgrade the GPU? Or is it just that I am installing the same card?

Cheers guys, please someone enlighten me :)

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this should be just plug and play shouldnt it? Or am I missing something here?

is there anyway of checking that the new card is indeed a 8600m GT? Does anyone have any information on it? I have searched the web and have found this

959614.jpg now the numbers all match up :S that says its a 8600mGT but my laptop seems to think its deffo a 8400m GS

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