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Led OFF on Acer 5920 with Atheros5700 EG

Guest pandarossa

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Guest pandarossa

Hi people, i've a big problem.

I've changed Wlan Card on my acer 5920. I've installed an atheros5700EG instead of the original one INTEL 4965 AGN.

From that moment to now the led doesn't blink anymore. I've installed modded driver last release but the LED doesn't blink.

If I push the wlan button the connection swicth on/off correctly.

Please, help me finding a solution to get the LED work!

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Your Notebook will be setup for the Intel card.

The Atheros will have different programmable pins.

Why the 5700EG the 4965 is to me a better choice as you can at least have 11n (300Mbps) at 5Ghz

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Guest pandarossa

Hi!!! I changed the card from Intel to Atheros Chipset because of the atheros wardriving possibilities.

I managed to work the led. Now when wlan it's connected the led start blinking, when it's off, led is off.

I've done this fixes in the atheros_v7.3.1.109_v1.15 package i've downloaded from www.laptopvideo2go.com:


HKR,, linkLEDFunc, 0, "55"

HKR,, LedMode, 0x10001, "1"

HKR, , swapDefaultLED, 0x10001, "1"

HKR, , softLEDEnable, 0x10001, "1"

Hope this will be hopefully!



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