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Surround sound not working! (6.1)


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Hi LV2G!

I'm using a great headset from AGK with 6.1 surround sound, which worked marvelously on my computer. However, it seems to me that my laptop simply won't accept the fact that they're surround; It likes to think it's stereo. The speaker settings in the driver are grayed out and locked at stereo.


My headset: AGK 6.1 Headphones

Sound card: Not sure, Driver Manager just says "Realtek High Definition Audio"

My headset's jack is a huge metal-like thing that goes into a control box(as shown on the website above), and then the other cables (red, blue and green) go out from the other end of the control box and into the laptop. My laptop only supports the red and the green one, whereas my computer supported all three, even though it's old.

Any suggestions, anyone?

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How does the unit connect to the laptop ?

Do you have to plug in all the sound connectors ?

ie from laptop plug in front, rear, center and sub ?

Or does it use SPDIF ? (most logical to get all the channels)

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Stationary Computer:

Headset -> Control Box -> 3 jacks (red, blue and green) -> 3 holes (red, blue and green)


Headset -> Control Box -> 3 jacks (red, blue and green) -> 1 jack (green, there is no microphone so I have no idea why there's a red stick, and there isn't a hole for the blue)

Also, the blue hole on the control box is labeled "Front" if that means anything, while the green one is "Rear".

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