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I went and purchased a shiney new 5Ghz router today and it will not work with my wireless card in my laptop.

2.4 Ghz works fine. I called tech support with gateway and that was useless, and the online chat was just as useless. They gace me another number where its $60 for 30 minutes of support.

And I doubt anyone there will know either.

I simple want to know does this card support 5 ghz ? I did a search on google and this site came up a few times and from what I saw everyone is saying it has 2.4 and 5 ghz capabilities.

Im after installinga bajilion drivers, including the ones from here, but still no go.

Any sugestions ? Is there something I have to do to turn on the 5 ghz capability ?

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There are versions of your card that are 2.4Ghz only, this looks to be your case.

Gateway would have saved them selves a couple of $$ by this cheaper non 5Ghz version.

Since you made a new router purchase you may also need to make a new WLAN card purchase as well.

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Guest james2c19v

I'm in the same boat as the original poster... I've tried installing a billion drivers (it's *really* unclear to me which drivers are the ones I should be installing... I've tried the ones from the Acer support site and this random atheros.cz site) and still no go on the 5Ghz. If the above post is correct, I guess it's really time to go buy a silly wireless dongle.

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