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GPU software undervolting - new idea


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Hello, I want to decrease my GPU (geforce 9500M GS) temperature through GPU undervolting. There is only one way to do that (GPU bios modification) but that voids warranty, so nothing for me.

But I have one idea about GPU undervolting through software, which doesnt void warranty.

My geforce 9500M gs has three frequency/performance modes : 2D (on 1,15V) , Throttle (on 1,15V too) and 3D (on 1,2V), default (according to NiBitor).

IDEA: I want to disable 3D mode (1,2V), and then I want to overclock (through windows, no GPU bios modification) Throttle mode to default 3D mode frequencies, so it would force GPU to play games in Throttle mode and with 3D mode frequencies (but with lower 1,15V voltage), so my GPU would run at the same performance but a bit (0,05V) undervolted. I think that would decrease temperature at about 5°C (5°C - it is like cheap cooling pad).

Now I want to know how to disable 3D mode, does any program know that? please help

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