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enabling hardware decoding of hd content

Guest misha0209

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Guest misha0209


i am new to posting, and i really hope i an not starting a topic someone's been poking at for decades, but i just need some experienced advice.

i own a notebook with vista home premium x64 installed and an nvidia geforce 7600go card, and because i read about the pure video thing, i was wondering to let my processor coll down and give some of the work to my card. easy said. now i've been goin' round all sorts of forums reading solutions, but they just did not work. my status so far: installed cyberlink dvd9, installed cyberlink h264 decoder, tried vlc, km player with cyberlink decoder set to handle h264 and no go. right now i am using this driver


with modified inf, and nothing is working any more. i say this because with this driver


i got kmplayer to play h264 stream using cyberlink, but the video was kind of in slow motion.

also, when i try to go to preferences , then video in powerdvd9, the app crashes...

from what i understand, mpc-hc only supports 8xxx and 9xxx series. but i read a lot of posts with people saying that they are running hd content using the hardware acceleration of their 7600go.

could anyone please recommend a driver version best suited for this? and could you tell me the line in the inf file that "turns on" my cards capability?

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