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External as Primary Display on Toshiba A100


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Hello out there. I've spent the last two days almost literally dedicated to figuring this out, much of which has been informative and interesting, but I'm still just coming up with air for an actual resolution.

Log file attached with specs.

I found a couple relevant discussions on the topic, which is what brought me in to the site in the first place, actually:

And I did my share of poking around and testing.

What I want to do is switch my external LCD to the primary display, using a fairly recent driver. I attempted this via the 190.62 driver available on this site, and downloading the INF from the Enhancer with "Primary for Dual Display" checked, uninstalled, reinstalled, tried manually pasting the code from the earlier thread in there, and still the options are disabled in windows and the nvidia control panel. I wondered about manually inserting the keys, via regedit, but I wasn't quite sure where to put them.


Basically, I'm stumped guys, any help appreciated!

Edit: I downloaded a little tool I found to compare files and on the newer drivers, having the little tick box for "Primary for Dual Display" checkd or not makes no difference to the .inf? Is the functionality already there, or is it missing?

EDIT: Solved! After hours of tedium, I managed to get it running with the 167.58 driver set and modded inf on this site, it seems only some drivers can be forced with known methods. Hope someone else can dodge my pains with this information.


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