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ATI current products?


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Just wondering what real world usage feels like on these-

1. 128MB ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 Pro Turbo (Inspiron 8600 flavor) as compared to the 128MB GF Fx5650 or 64 MB GFG4200

2. 128MB ATI Radeon 9600 Pro (generic desktop) as compared to the Fx5200, FX5600 & FX5700 (either regular or Ultra).

Read several benchmark tests, but any input from real world users as far as DVD playback, gaming quality etc.?

What driver versions are most using with the above desktop cards & the Radeon Mobilty?

Also, other things like core/memory clock etc. being equal, how does having 128MB video RAM benefit a user/gamer as compared to say, 64MB RAM?


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The ATI cards are generally running much better than the Nvidia cards at the moment, because they more closely follow the DirectX 9.0 spec, and are easier to program for. However, NVidia has deals with companies such as EA, to optimize code so that it works better on their cards, which it does (look for the Nvidia logo on a game to know). But if you're looking at buying an AGP slot video card, I urge you to wait and see what PCI Express brings, unless you plan on keeping the system with the new video card for a few more years.

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right, and more important is the upcoming BTX mainboard layout standard which replaces the good old ATX thing. The first (desktop) boards should have been arrived in Februar this year, but until now nothing happens. I can't tell if the BTX standard will affect layout of Laptop mainboards, but there is good possibility it will do.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the replies & suggestions...had to get a new desktop for the wife, so it needed a good, mainstream AGP card quick...

I ended up with a 128MB Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro Atlantis (best value priced mainstream card with decent performance) for the wife's 3.2HT PowerEdge, and a 128MB ATI Radeon Mobility Pro Turbo for my Latitude D800 (seemed to be the best mobile card around).

So far, am very happy with both these cards; though I use ATI cards now, I'll be getting my hands on a Quadro 1000Go next week & will install it in the D800 & check it out.

Thanks for all the help over the past couple months, I'll still be browsing & learning from this site.

By the way, here are my scores with Dell driver A02, video BIOS A02IW & SP2_build_2055 + fixes -

3DMarkSE2001 - 9880

3DMark2003 - 2855

Comanche 4 Benchmark - 52 fps

All scores were obtained with Power Settings as 'Portable/Laptop' (CPU & GPU run 5c & 4c cooler than "Always On')



Latitude D800/15.4 WUXGA/1.7 P-M/1GB PC2700/twin 60GB TravelStar 7.2k/128 Radeon Mobility Pro Turbo/DVD-RW+/GigaBit/BlueTooth/SmartCard/WiFi a/b/g

PE_SC400/17" Dell FP/3.2HT/ 1GB DDR400/2x185GB Deskstar 7.2k/128 Radeon 9600 Pro/CDRW-DVD & DVDRW+



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gpu is changeable in your D800? nice feature! I heard of Alienware and some Dells, but didn't know for the D800.

have phun with your new systems and of course your wife :)

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Definitly let us know some benchmarks on the Q FX1000, will be good to add to my chart.

Hopefully a score of 10,000+(2k1) and 3000+(2k3) will be easily achieved.

Enjoy those awsome machines you have, :)

Also anybody with a 5700go, I need scores as well.

I must get back to my GF2go :)


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Pieter- The Precision M60 Mobile Workstation (see sig) that showed up came with the 128MB Quadro FX Go 700 (instead of the Quadro FX 1000)...so I installed the ATI radeon Mobility from my D800 into it...

I heard that the Quadro FX Go 700 is pretty much the FX Go 5650...the 128MB ATI Mobility 9600 Pro turbo pretty much whupped it in Comanche 4 Benchmark & 3DMark2003, and still came out ahead in 3DMark2001SE...HALO & Ghost Recon also seemed smoother

Wondering what driver set you suggest for the Quadro FX Go 700 that will still allow standby, screen shut off on lid-close & good TV_Out...


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