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My first computer


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I've done this before but sometime ago and it's time to renew this.

Quite interesting what was our first love computer

I was 14 at the time and paid NZ$100 for it.

Here is my one:


I was spoilt and got the 8KB RAM version, twice the standard :O

Having a tape drive build in was sooo cool.

Keyboard was a bit naff.

All the info on my baby can be found here

PET 2001 series Specs

CPU: 6502, 1 MHz


ROM: 18 KB, including BASIC 1.0

Video: discrete TTL video circuit, 9" monochrome monitor, 40×25 character display

Sound: none / single piezo "beeper" (optional external speaker driven by MOS 6522 CB2 pin)

Ports: 2 MOS 6520 PIA, MOS 6522 VIA, 2 Datassette (1 used / 1 on the back), 1 IEEE-488

Notes: 69 key chiclet keyboard and built-in Datassette / full-sized, full-travel keyboard, no built-in Datassette

What did you guys have a first ?

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My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81, which I got in 1982, just before the Spectrum came out (got a 48K one of those a year later).

I got the 16K RAM pack for it as well, and my Dad, who's a bit of an electrical tinkerer, soldered the RAM pack on so it wouldn't wobble and put it in a perspex case with a proper push-button keyboard and a reset button so you didn't have to disconnect the power to reset it.

My first PC, bought in 1987, was an Amstrad PC1512, with, as the name suggests had 512k of RAM, CGA graphics (with Amstrad's bizarre 640x200 16-colour graphics mode extension), a monochrome monitor and one 360k Floppy Drive. I eventually upgraded to 2 360k floppys, then switched one for a 720k drive, then eventually got a 10mb hard drive. Never quite managed to fill it with stuff :)

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Heh, a bit older than my first computer, a Commodore 64. This particular one was one of the first 1,000,000 off the production line and the only reason I know this ... I looked at the serial on the bottom of the case. My dad bought it used when I was about 11, along with a full color monitor, a dot matrix printer, TWO 5.25" FDD, and a whole lot of PC World magazines. I did reports, homework, and played games on that for about 8 years before I left home for the Navy.

Commodore 64

Introduced: January 1982

Released: September 1982

How many: ~17 million

Price: US $595.

CPU: MOS 6510, 1MHz

Sound: SID 6581, 3 channels of sound

RAM: 64K

Display: 25 X 40 text, 320 X 200, 16 colors max,

Ports: TV, RGB & composite video, 2 joysticks, cartridge port, serial peripheral port

Peripherals: cassette recorder, printer, modem, external 170K floppy drive




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My first PC was an AST Advantage Adventure 60/60p that I pulled from a junk heap in 1999/2000 (I forgot which). It had a 60mHz Intel Pentium I (no MMX), 40mb RAM, and a 1gb hard disk. The graphics card was a Cirrus Logic POS that couldn't output a true color signal in any resolution higher than 640x480. It ran Windows 95 originally, but I later upgraded it to 98SE.

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The first computer I could call my own, and didn't have to share, was a 1985 Amstrad CPC 6128.

It had a disk drive! :)


Think the computer I loved the most was an original Amiga A500. Had a hard drive for it and loads of other extras.

We had an IBM in the early 80s, but I wasn't allowed to touch that much.

First modern type PC I had to myself was a 486.

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After wasting copious amounts of change playing arcade games, at age 9 I saved up an bought a Commodore 64. Played until some of the internal components melted. Bought an Amiga 500 at a trade show the year the model was introduced, which was 1987.


Type Home computer

Release date 1987

Discontinued 1991

Media 880 KB floppy disks

Operating system AmigaOS 1.2~1.3

CPU Motorola 68000 @ 7.16 MHz (NTSC)

7.09 MHz (PAL)

Memory 512 KB (9.5 MB maximum)

Graphics 640 x 256, 6 bpp @ 25 fps

Predecessor Amiga 1000

Successor Amiga 500 Plus

Information and picture grabbed from Wikipedia.

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In the same ballpark - except my A500 ended finally into a tower with 68060 (~Pentium)@ 57 MHz, 2-3 GFX cards, 128MB RAM, several HDs etc - which other computer can be updated to 100x faster? (Don't ask the costs...)

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Those bring back memories.

Good to see all the piccies of days gone by.

Keep it up, will merge this in a few days with the original post I made here

So much more info available these days on these old beast that began the computer revolution.

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Sinclair 48K ZX Spectrum computer (1982) :)

Had lot's of fun with it for 3 months, then the little thingy went up in smoke.

Bought a vic 20 afterwards, c64, amiga 500, amiga 2000

My fist pc : pentium 90mhz - 850mb hdd - 64mb memory - hercules stealth 3d 4mb pci - 15" casper monitor.

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1st computer i owned was...

A 2001 HP Pavilion 775e

2.0GHz AMD Athlon XP 2400+

120GB 7200RPM HD

512MB DDR 333MHz Ram

nVidia GeForce 4 MX440SE 64mb ram 16bit

18" CRT Monitor

$900 or so i think it was. Sad thing is i still have it and use it.. just not much... It's got a 20" Acer LCD, 1GB DDR 333MHz ram, 6600GT.

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Guest ShnikeJSB

"My" first computer was an Apple IIe my parents bought. I was about 4 years old at the time. It was used and an original model with 2 (TWO!) 5.25" floppy drives! I learned everything myself on that computer. I was teaching my parents things by the time I was 5 years old, LOL! We had an Apple dot matrix printer, too.


Oh how I loved Oregon Trail, Reader Rabbit, and the zillion other games! Although, if you wanna get picky, my first "computer" was an Atari 400. Which I loved dearly, and wish my parents didn't just throw it away without my permission later on... I'd still play it, let alone sell it later as a collectible!


Our first PC was a Packard Bell Pentium 90 with Windows for Workgroups 3.11. 2x CD-ROM baby! What a piece of junk... :)

Then after that was a computer they bought JUST for me -- a used Performa 6200CD w/75mhz 603 (not 603e). Then they bought a beige PowerMac G3/333, which they used all the way up until a few years ago with their Mac Pro 2.66Ghz 2x Dual Xeons.

My own first PERSONAL purchase with my own money was a PowerBook G4/667 when I went off to college. That lasted forever, until I bought a Dell XPS Gen 2, which was such a lemon, they eventually replaced it with an M1710, which also sucked with reliability. My most recent purchase was this Gateway P-7811fx which I've had more than a year with zero problems (which I could not say for either Dell I had...). I plan on finally deserting notebooks next year and building an i7 or i9 desktop when they release motherboards with SATA 6gbps, USB 3.0, and PCI-Express 3.0 and drop in a GTX380. I only had notebooks before for school and for LAN gaming and going to my buddies' places to play games. I don't need laptops anymore (despite being with them exclusively for 8 years now).

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Guest nukulorrr

The first PC I really called my own, without having to share it with someone else, is a Dell Inspiron 9400 and I'm working on it right now! :)

(Ok, I'm 17 years old...)


The first PC I ever had an account with is a 6.5-year old HP Pavillion which takes 10 minutes to boot :)

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I first had Commodore 64. I didn't like it very much, I always envied my cousin because he could play Contra and Mortal Kombat on his Pegasus console, later I wanted Amiga because it had a mouse and sooo advanced programs. And I 'only' had a C64 :) I remember those constant errors, trying to load a game for several minutes just to see an error. I was like 7 years old.

It looked something like this:


In the year 1998 my parents bought me a real PC. Intel Pentium MMX 166MHz, 32 MB's of RAM, and Intel i810 chipset that had 4 MB of memory. Worth mentioning, it had a horizontal PC case, we chose it because the towers were really expensive back then. Also a 14" Belinea monitor. It was a dream machine to me :)

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Just great seeing all these awesome old beasts.

To think we paid so much and looking back we got so little but for me the biggest pleasure was still from the original PET :)

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DOS/Win 3.11

I couldn't even play Doom when I let Windows load at boot and had to create a second autoexec.bat just for DOS programs since Windows ran like crap and slowed it down. Later upgraded to a 100MB with a couple of bad sectors that I scavenged from the trash and 8MB RAM (Doom ran fine after that. On a side note, my second computer was a 100Mhz 486 that I fried because I had no idea why you would ever need a heat-sink on a cpu.

EDIT: This is about what it looked like, just no CD-Rom drives and a large floppy drive.


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My first PC was 5170 IBM PC AT (Advanced Technology).

Manufacturer: International Business Machines Corporation

Date Announced: 1984

Date Canceled: 1987

Price: Approximately $6,000 base

Current Value: $10-$100

CPU: Intel 80286 @ 8 MHz 16-bit processor

Memory (RAM): 512 KB RAM

ROM: 64 KB

HDD: 20MB hard drive

Floppy: 1 5.25" floppy disk drive (1.2 Mb on special diskettes or 360 KB on regular media)

Operating system: PC-DOS 3.0

Monitor: Color CGA monitor (the highest resolution of any mode was 640×200, and the highest color depth supported was 4-bit (16 colors but only 4 colors can be displayed at a time))

The monitor had overheating and shutdown issue but nonetheless best times!


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Whhhaattt... Nobody else had a Vic20?

You haven't read the previous posts.

Bought a vic 20

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I love this post.

I had a Sinclair ZX80, in 1980 with 512bykes (0.5kb) RAM

Then a ZX81 in 1981

Then a ZX Spectrum 48

Then an Acorn Electron

Then a ZX Spectrum 128

Then an ATARI STFM 512mb

Then a 486 SX 25 PC


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