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53.04 MCE / 20.03 is causing DirectX to not work


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Hy guys,

I do have updated my Toshiba laptop 5200-801 which is a european version of the 5205-S703.

Well it has a GeForce 4 460 Go with 64mb and the toshiba drivers are just up to 36.39 as you might know.

Well after installing 53.04 MCE DirectX isn't able to run the Direct3d tests anymore nore can a game switch from the menu screen resolution like 800x600 to a higher resolution like 1024x768. I always end up being in windows with the game running in the background. And I can't bring it up again. I tried to run 3dmark2001SE but it gave me the following error msg:

DirecX Error Message:

Fatal Error: failed to vaildate material

I don't wanna downgrade again b/c it's a really old version. I hope you do have some ideas on how to manage a newer version to run properly.

I even tried 53.02 but it's doing the same and an error msg from nwiz as well. After downgrading to 36.39 I got a msg whether I'd like to replace the european version including "," with the version including "."

Maybe it's a syntax problem but I'm rather unsure.

Thanks in advance

greetings Schupo

PS: If ya need any more details I'm glad to tell you what ya need to know

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try to install DX9.0b again, then uninstall (add/remove software ControlPanel) the 5x.xx driver and try using 52.16 with some old 11.xx inf. Works for me. To be honest i havent't tested the newer ones (inf and driver) long enough, so i don't know if there are specific issues.

We are all waiting for the first 5x.xx mobile driver to arrive and there's a new driver generation to come up: the 56.23 (i think), which should be very promising for Laptops as far as Pieter found out. So just wait a little bit more... :wink:


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