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Anybody wanna buy parts from my stripped Dell Precision M50?


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Well the title and description says it all.

The hard drive broke again on my Precision M50 earlier this year so I started to build my own laptop.

Also the mobo was acting funny too on bootup. (could just be because of hard drive, not sure)

I have stripped the hard drives, optical drive, and LCD. (batteries are basically useless)

The Quadro card still works perfect as far as I know.

CPU also works fine.

Also have a stick of 1 GB ram and an aftermarket Atheros 108 mbps abg minipci card.

Keyboard works perfect. So does PSU.

There is also an old GF440 Go that might work if I oven bake it like Pieter has been doing lately.

Does anybody out there that still uses a Dell want any of these parts?

You can name an offer.

I also have 2 partially working docking stations (with the PCI slots) and of course your welcome to purchase the mobo if you wanna play with it. The built in ethernet is busted though.

I also have the hot swap hard drive bay that will work with a new hard drive.

I know there are some retro people here still using dell C series models.

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Its the Quadro4 700 Go GL with 64MB RAM based on the GeForce 4200 Go. I think they are all the same.

Here is a pic of the BIOS on my laptop with the card in.


I don't have a pic currently of the quadro but here is my GF4 card.


The quadro is the same size and shape but doesn't have or need a white shield on top.

The quadro has a thermal pad on it.

When I pull the laptop out again I'll post up pics of the quadro card.

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It was an Inspiron 8200 that I re-flashed to the precision BIOS and then I got a Quadro card to replace the broken GF4.

However I now suspect that the GF4 might work again after an oven bake.

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Its hard to say because I don't see any being sold on ebay.

I do see some Quadro 4 500 Go GLs listed around $80.

I'm thinking for the 700 Go GL I could sell it for maybe $100 and that will include shipping to anywhere in the US and a small donation to LV2Go.

Do you want to buy any other parts?

I have 2 (partially working) C/Dock II docking stations and that extra hard drive bay. All the keys on my keyboard still work. The LCD cable and hinges are in good condition, etc.

If your RAM isn't maxed out you may want that extra GB stick I have to go with your quadro.

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Do you still want to buy the card?

I could sell it for lower.

Say $75 if that was too high.

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I'm going to install the LCD as a second monitor in this homemade laptop I'm building.

Its currently getting a new backlight installed.

I have a friend that can sell you a brand new 15" UXGA with 0 dead pixels.


Check with him to make sure but it should be compatible.

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Actually that LCD has traditional back-lighting and the M50 probably is not compatible with an LED back-lit display, if one is available.

You would have to hack together a custom light controller for that kind of LCD to work in the M50.

I'm not aware of anybody selling conversion kits for older laptops.

I should post some pics sometime of the M50's light controller board.

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It's long time since you posted this Bill, But do you still have that 1GB memory stick?

Oh by the way I re-flashed my sec3255 with an EDID file from a sharp panel and cured that 1/4 inch line problem once and for all. I wrote a few posts about it if your interested.

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