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Frame Rate Spikes/Lags


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Greetings !

I have ecountered a major problem regarding laptops performance. The problem emerged after 4 months after the purchase.

I used to be able to run smoothly Crysis, Fallout 3, World of Warcraft an many other games. Some of them were running max 20 FPS fast, but there where no lags/spikes which compromise the games smoothnes.

The problem looks in game as follows :

The game runs perfectly at 50 FPS. Animation is smooth. No lags visible. After 5 minutes the animation slows down dramaticaly and then speeds up again. Slows down again and speeds up again. And until I restart the program, there is no way to make it 100% smooth again.

In games like Heretic 2, Warcraft 3 I encounter no spikes/lags at all.

Lags/spikes were present before and after the undervoltage.


GPU and CPU used to be hot like hell. Since I undervoltaged the CPU it now doesn't go higher than 72C. The GPU is max 83C. (Used to be 95 for CPU and 90 for GPU)

I am using GPU drivers provided by Medion. Customised forceware from Dox didn't solve the problem.

I am running Vista Home Premium SP 2 with all DirectX and Chipset updates possible.

I have a GF 9500M GS 512MB graphic card.

CoreDuo T3400 2.16GZ

3 Gigs of ram

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The GPU might still be overheating or be even damaged - have you cleaned your cooling system?

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I will be doing so on Monday. In the evening I should have everything cleaned. I don't want to do it on my own. I would probably mess up everything inside :)

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Is there a way to cool the GPU apart from cleaning the cooling system in the laptop ? It heatens up to 97C after 30 minutes of gameplay ;/.

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