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Server slowly coming alive again, please bare with us.


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We've spent most of last night and all today liaising with midphase and have gotten the faulty hard drive replaced.

Just finished a restore of the website.

Most things are working except the forums.

Well the forums are working best viewed in LO-FI at the moment.

We'll get this hopefully sorted in the morning.

The blog is working for those that are bored :)

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, was out of our hands.

For those that doubt what SMART feature does on a Hard Drive rest assured it does work and we were able to save the website from imminent disaster.

Big thanks to James and Jim at Midphase for helping us out with the new Hard Drive.

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Good to know, thought maybe it was Firefox going haywire on me. Glad to know were back up and running for the most part??

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Luckily we don't have much on this server with the exception of a couple hundred GB of drivers. But, Pieter has plenty of time in his schedule to upload those if we ever need it :)

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I love nothing better than to upload untold gaziilion of driver files :)

Took 2 weeks solid uploading when we upgraded the driver compression/database :)

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