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Hi Pieter,

i own a Dell Inspiron 8600 with a real Quadro FX 700 go.

Now i just installed the 56.55 driveres with your modified inf.

But i found one Problem: The custom Opengl Panel keeps empty. i can can't select the setting for professional Cad apps etc.

After some test i found out, that happend because of the removed ws_apps settings from inf.

I can send you the modified working inf if you like (i dont know your email address)


edit: i've attached the working inf now

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With the advent of 5x.xx drivers, there is now a section called Co-installers.

In here is where certain parts of the drivers are installed including the following :

[nv_CoInstaller_nView_Quadro_AddReg]HKR, Uninstall, CopyFiles, %REG_SZ_APPEND%, "advanced.tvp,cad.tvp,dcc.tvp,finance.tvp"


HKR, Uninstall, CopyFiles, %REG_SZ_APPEND%, "nvwsapps.cfg"

The only difference is the line :

[nv_WSApps_AddReg]HKLM,"SoftwareNVIDIA CorporationGlobalNVTweakOemConfigurations",ControlsOverride,%REG_DWORD%,1

As I don't have a Quadro I can't test these these features.

I hope this helps,


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