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Pieter and I are in the works to move the forum as well as switching the board to Invision Board. For the most part the switch is going smoothly. Not all things will be the same of course. Most things will actually work :)

* All signatures will remain intact.

* All posts will remain intact as of Monday 15th.

* As of the 15th, 208 registered users were converted. If anybody registers after this date the adjustment will be made shortly before the board opens.

* etc...

The only issue will be that the attachments will NOT be converted over.

When finished this link [http://members.lycos.co.uk/teraphy/forum/] will redirect you to the new site.

Thanks go to Pieter (of course), and r.y.a.n.!

Also congratulations to the newest or soon-to-be moderators dontknow and LSudlow!

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Zippedy doo daa!



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We have been working on this for a few days now.

Here will be the new place for the forum : http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/

Still have some problems to iron out.

Go and have alook, as I have just uploaded the Database Teraphy send me.

Any problems please place them here so we can sort before the big day.

There seems to be alot of threads missing. [fixed]

And I can't get into any of the sections (I can log in and see the front page) [fixed]

If the forum dissapears then it's just me playing around with restoring the Database.

So be patient. [update, there will only be one down time as we update the database with the big shift]



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