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PowerMizer Manager 0.93 Released


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What's NVidia PowerMizer?

NVidia PowerMizer is the name of the technology included in most modern nvidia graphic cards, for both desktops and noteboks. PowerMizer makes your graphics card auto throttle on demand based on the applications you are running. If PowerMizer detects a 3D application running, it will raise the graphics card clock speed to provide higher performance, while it will lower it while rendering only 2D content comsuming less engery and thus disipating less heat. It will even adapt your graphics card clock speed depending on how hot your GPU gets to prevent overheating. That sounds good, isn't it?

Yeah, it is good, if it weren't one of the most buggy features implemented in a graphics card. Known problems are:

  • Some graphic cards suffer screen flickering (horizontal lines for a fraction of a second) each time the GPU clock speed changes. And...
  • The algorithms for adaptive clock speed cause the GPU constantly change clock speed even without any 3D running.
  • The overheat protection makes some cards to throttle down while playing games causing horrible performance even in the first minutes of playing when the card temps are safe.
  • The NVidia drivers does not provide a good control panel to change PowerMizer settings for most graphic cards.

PowerMizer Manager

The PowerMizer Manager is a simple Open Source application to manage the NVidia PowerMizer settings. The main features are:

  • Override PowerMizer Control
    Configure your video card to behave as you want. Set up a fixed performance level or autothrottle as needed.
  • Backup and restore video settings
    Make a backup of your video settings to avoid messing things up.
  • Instant Apply!
    After selecting the PowerMizer behaviour, apply the settings inmediately. No reboot is required.(YMMV)


Lastest Version Changelog (0.93):

  • Added Overheat Slowdown Override settings (feedback plz).
  • Minor code refactor.
  • Tested against newest NVIDIA drivers 197.16

For downloads, FAQ and support go to: SomeMoreBytes

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This helped with my G51VX-RX05's heat problems. One love, me brada.

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Wow cheers for the link!

I now have powermizer working on my lappy after using this utility to create powermizer settings in the registry, followed by a reboot (didn't work until I rebooted).

My card is a 9800M GS.

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Im trying this out on my 1201n netbook with ION to see if i can eek out a bit more battery life. With powermizer on it lowers the GPU core to 200mhz on battery on min perf/max battery so will see how it goes.

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