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A Plea for Assistance

Guest JacktheKnife

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Guest JacktheKnife

Hi all,

I'm hoping desparately that one of you might be able to help me.

I do a spot of home recording using Cakewalk Sonar and a Line 6 POD as soundcard (I've heard that this isn't a great setup but prior to the reinstall I had it working perfectly for my purposes). Anyway, having reinstalled Vista and Sonar, Sonar worked fine, but the monitor would lag briefly every 4 or 5 seconds making it useless for watching videos etc. So I updated to the latest version of the driver for the GeForce Go 7300, and that took care of the lag. However, the playing of projects in Sonar is now constantly interrupted by loud clips and pops. I tried installing a couple of drivers at random from the vast selection you have here, but had the same problem. I'm almost certain that it's an issue with the driver as that's the only thing that's changed and the noises seem to coincide with when the scrolling reaches the end of the page and jumps to a new section.

I thought that perhaps one of you might have had a similar problem, or might be able to suggest a driver that might be likely to work well with my setup to save me going through them one-by-one. Like I said, the problem wasn't there before the reinstall, and my setup hasn't changed. I'm running Vista (32x) on an Acer Aspire 5610 with NVidia GeForce Go 7300 graphics card and have 2GB of RAM.

Could it be (forgive me if this is stupid, I'm a little out of my depth here) that the NVidia card has priority access to resources before the soundcard, and can this be adjusted? I'd be extremely grateful for any help; I'd forgotten how utterly disheartening it is when you have to spend days battling your system.

Thanks again,


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Guest firepower

I can only suggest you see if there is any bios/firmware updates for your PC and soundcard etc, and then get latest drivers, also search google using tour 6 POD and sound card and video card.

also check in bious that video card has interrupts enabled etc, als make sure you have latest drivers for your motherboard and Hard disk controllers etc.

I knows it not much help, best to find forum where your specialist equipment is used.

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Guest specterlich

I had a very similar problem on both XP and Win7. Basically whenever i listened to music or watched a video there were frequent interruptions (crackling, high pitched grinding sounds...) in the sound, only for a few milliseconds though. It was of course extremely irritating, and i searched and tried (for like... 3 days straight) and nothing... until i found a thread somewhere, where someone suggested fiddling with PowerMizer. I downloaded a nice little tool called PowerMizer switch. This turned off PM functions of the driver. And i had no problems whatsoever since.

It worked on my MSI notebook, GF 8600M GT, 3GB RAM, running Win7 x86. And since you have a 7300 Go, you're probably using a notebook too, so it might take care of the problem.

Funny thing is, after i solved my problem and listed to uninterrupted metal for 2 hours i checked laptopvideo2go and i was dumbfounded... the had just release the all-new PowerMizer Manager. I laughed hard. I hate that #@~##@@#@ PowerMizer.

Hope this help, rock on!

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Guest JacktheKnife

Hey, thank you specterlich and firepower for your suggestions. I came up with a solution that seems ridulously obvious in retrospect, which I only found through following your advice. I didn't know that I could disable the NVidia card and have(I'm guessing) some lesser card take over. So I now disable the NVidia when using the sequencer and hey presto, no more clicks and pops (from the description I'd say that they were the same things that you were dealing with specterlich).

So, problem solved thanks to both of you. Thank you again and may your tribes increase!

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