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Screen doesn't turn back on from hibernate/standby


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I have a Toshiba Portege S100-1133 with a GeForce GO 6600 TE.

I just recently installed the 176.48 driver and found that the screen would not turn back on after hibernation/standby.

I believe, based on a post somewhere in these forums (I can't seem to find the link at the moment), that this driver is indeed meant for mobile cards.

Upon re-installing the OEM drivers, the screen turned on as expected, but then I have to deal with OpenGL 1.4.

I have tried installing the new driver with the OEM .inf and a number of files copied form the OEM driver folder, but to no avail.

What would I do to the new driver's .inf to fix the screen issue? -- that is, if that's how I ought to go about fixing this.


The OEM driver version is:, (copy/pasted from the .inf)

Also: I am using Windows XP SP3

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What you're seeing is fairly common when using older cards with drivers in the 16x-17x range. However, it usually only affects standby - hibernation usually works.

If you've tried hibernation and it still fails, I can only suggest trying some other drivers. I don't know what else to try.

Good luck with it!

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Thanks for the reply!

It sounds like I'm not alone then.

I guess this stuff happens when one's laptop is more than 5 years old :).

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Have you tried a more recent driver, such as 18x, 19x, or 25x?

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I installed the 19745 after trying a few of the other 16x and 17x.

Thus far, it offers the best performance (being at most 180 fps for a single cube being rendered onto its own texture).

However, the standby and hibernate problems persisted for all but one of the drivers I have tried thus far: 16758, except the performance is terrible (4 fps for the above cube program), that and it breaks all the glUniformXX() functions.

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