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I think the O.P. might be having the same issue's as myself and my Dell 9400 and the geforce 7900 GS video card. I have just changed to W7 and it seems very hard to find a driver to suit, the Windows driver seems to make the screen all black which is widely reported, but it seems many Dell 9400 and similar Dell owners have got W7 64bit successfully working.

It's just hard to find the right driver...

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the driver I am using currently on my E1705/9400 for my go 7900 GTX is 179.67 for W7 64-bit

give that a try and it should work fine for you

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I use DOX 185.85. which I find is the best for performance so far. Has a few issues though, for example I can't use standby or hibernate.

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Ok guys, that's great to hear, you have got your Dell 9400 working on Windows 64bit, but when I try those drivers, I get a black screen each time.

So there must be something else wrong to not let those drivers work for me, any idea's?

Did you guys have to do something else or different when you first installed Windows 7 64bit on your Dells?

Did you guys have issue's with the black screens i'm getting on mine, if so how did you fix it?

I don't have to have Windows 7 on my Laptop, but I'm very determined now, especially as it's obvious it can be done, cheers...

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