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Too much support for the new drivers

Guest Gialdy

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I have noticed and read from Pieter and Theraphy replies that the forum is handling too much support for the new drivers.

Troubleshooting the drivers is the best way Pieter and Theraphy and others could modify the INF for ouir enjoymentand use. This had work all this time, but right now it's getting overwhelming. One of the main reasons I believe is that a lot of newcomers are trying out the very newest driver and running into lot of problems.

So, my recommendation is to subdived the driver list in two categories, the recommened or working drivers and the beta drivers. Once we confident that a new driver is ready to the masses, we then move it to the recommended web page. I belief doing this will help Pieter and Teraphy focus on the newest drivers and we could then be the ones helping the newcomers. We will still use the newest drivers and provided Pieter and Teraphy with INF and driver issues and fixes.

:) Just a way being thankful to Pieter and Teraphy and helping them out :)

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I think, if people slowed down and read the install instructions, there would be a lot less problems. That is, unless there are mitgating circumsatnces. But so far, I have had zero problems with the 52.16 and they installed just like the rest of the Go series drivers.

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Thankyou Gialdy for those kind words.

You are right, people are jumping in the deepend with the latest drivers and have no idea what their doing.

The other day, I ended up with 61 !! Emails just on 52.xx problems.

Hence I removed my Email from the Webpage and only fix problems here.

I might just do what I did earlier and reccomend 45.33 for the first time user, this has taken over from 44.68 as the best driver.

45.33 is not as fast (in benchmwarks) but it's stable on all GPU's (a rare thing).

The biggest problem is, all these drivers even the official ones are basicly beta, none work as they should.

52.16 are a prime example, all sorts of problems, but still get released as official drivers.

But I certainly don't mind fixing problems, I learned a lot from trying to fix certain bugs.

But the newer the driver the more bugs come out of the woodwork, and the old bugs arn't fixed.

52.xx are a whole new kettle of fish, and are causing me headaches with certain problems, ie AGP 1x and powermizer speed (memory speed is lower), the 1400x1050 problem etc etc.

But we'll keep plugging away.


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OK, how about this... I can create a FAQ section under which Pieter can post a FAQ about his INFs, a FAQ for my INFs. Other posts could then be generic for how to install, recommended drivers, etc. A lot of people ask "I have a [oem] [model] laptop, which drivers are best?" So, the recommended drivers post would include both overall best and or specific laptop best?

I have to also agree with Pieter :) I don't know if any of NVIDIA's drivers are really final. They always seem beta. Then again I don't think they are as interested in finalizing their drivers with any mobile cards until OEM companies fill them in with issues and bugs.

I really prefer to have most of my data posted on the forums rather than my web page these days. Maybe I should have the official releases on my page and another location for beta driver INFs as you suggest.

And to close on a positive note, thanks for the comment Gialdy! :) Always appreciated!

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I have as of yesterday, highlighted my INFs of choice for the beginners to modified INFs.

45.33 for the non speed-freeks who want the latest.

44.68 for speed demons but with stability.

Neither being official nVidia releases, but perform to a higher standard.

(ie least amount of problems)

I'm not recomending 52.xx yet as they have issues with AGP reporting, plus some other niggles (1400x1050)

Best left to the Guru's.

The FAQ thing might be a good idea, if only people read them.

The amount of Questions I get on things covered on my site is staggering.


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Guest citrixcl

i agree ive been a bystander and a helper recently on the drivers problems on the dell community forums... pieter has b een overworked thats for sure and im getting frustrated just explaining the same thing to everyone because they dont try and fix it themselves rather just ask someone to fix it for them. i know you guys are not a tech support line, but i really do appreciate the ability to use my machine. the companies are the ones responsible for all their customers but you guys are solving their problems faster than they can recognize them.

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I must say and give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to both Teraphy (go baby go!) and Pieter (you're awesome). Thank you both.

johnny the kamikaze

52.16's on the i8200 isn't too bad but flickers when it starts off now it's stopped out of nowhere, but the problem where you close the lid and move an external attached mouse and then open up the lid, the screen doesn't turn back on... here we go again... time to see if there's anything I can do with the INF, but I doubt I can do what you both do already at masses... Hey Teraphy I should put in omega tweaks in ;-) it's outdated though :) lol... remember that stuff on Dell | Talk?

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Try playing with the seting LidBehaviour, it fixed my problem with the lid closure, where laptop wouldn't resume after close.

My setting and (Dells) is 5, some have it set to 1, and NV28 and higher have it set to 17 (hex0x11).

Good luck,


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Good thing you brought that to my attention. Something just popped in my head. I think I may have only one value for my INFs. Too much copying and pasting on my part. I'll have to check that when I have time.

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