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Why is my GF 7000M GPU temp so high?!


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Hi all,

I have a bit of an ongoing issue with my Acer aspire 7520 laptop (with GeForce 7000M graphics) which is now a bit of a concern.

Over the last few months I've noticed my laptop lagging significantly and the fan also making constant noise as if it is going into overdrive. Using an application called HWMonitor, I have been monitoring all of my temperatures over the last few weeks. The CPU has hovered around 45-65 degrees C, but my GPU temperatures are soaring! It used to be around 75 C which is hot enough, but lately it is in the 100s!! I'm amazed because my laptop (Windows 7) has not yet crashed at all, but it does begin to lag a little. In the end I have to turn it off due to concerns about the unit setting alight!

I have had the back panel off and the fan is spinning, and also there is no sign of dust clogging anything up. I also have the laptop elevated on one of those cooling stands with the built in fan, but nothing is making the GPU temperature drop!

Any one got any ideas? Is there anything I can do to ensure the fan stays on at full speed, etc? Maybe I'm using an incorrect driver? (although I am using the Nvidia driver that Windows 7 (x64) downloaded from Windows Update)

Also, I occasionally get a run of errors in the Windows Event viewer like the below:

WHEA-LOGGER (event 18)

A fatal hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core

Error Source: Machine Check Exception

Error Type: Unknown Error

Processor ID: 1

The details view of this entry contains further information.

I don't know if this is related?

I took a screenshot of HWMONITOR:


Thanks for any ideas, much appreciated!

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