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8600M GT weird problem


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Hi guys.

Actually this is "the" weird "what the best driver topic" but with some comments.

I have a MSI gx600 with GF 8600M GT installed.

2 years ago, when I purchased the laptop, it came with some nice video drivers (I remember being marked with "beta" on MSI site). Later on other drivers got live, and worked nice with the card. As time passed, I did upgrade drivers to latest ones, and started experiencing problems.

The laptop started to "hang". The hangs could appear anytime during Windows loading and so on.

Hanging = total freeze of the laptop with sound repeating (10-50ms), no response to anything.

Why I decided it's graphics card issue.

1. If I install latest Nvidia drivers, he will hang very very often. Like once per 10 minutes, but sometimes may not even bootup normally and hang on load process.

2. Older drivers produce reverse effect. Right now I'm using 163.16 and the laptop usually hangs once after turn off/turn on cycle. (That means you to sleep, turn it off. The wake up, boot up.. it hangs in 1h interval, you reboot and work normally).

3. The very old MSI downloaded drivers delivered no hangs at all.

Since MSI have already wiped all older drivers, plus, I lost the original CD for laptop, there is are few simple questions.

Anyone knows the "best oldest" drivers to 8600M GT that don't deliver 1fps and work good?

If anyone has the idea how my problem can be solved please do help. All I know, it's not heat related at all. 100%.

Thank you.

(PS. If I did misunderstood where to post there, please do redirect, move, or delete topic).

NERD 1.086.cmd

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Try this one -> Extract nv_whql from aditional infs, and install. It's not older, but I think its worth a shot.

For some older, you can also try some of the Dox's drivers http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/122-doxs-customized-forceware-releases/

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