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I want to buy a new laptop


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I am looking for a new laptop, there are many laptops with an graka on MXM-socket, but not aal are upgradable.

For ex a Toshiba can not be upgraded, and aprox 18 months ago i read in the previous MXM-shop an experience with changing a graka in a HP notebook, the dvd-drive was to large, it was not possible to place an mxm card there.

Most of all i am looking for an IBM or SONY notebook, alienware is a little too expensive for me.

Kan someone give me a suggestion which brand is safe to buy with MXM-slot.

Is MSI safe to buy?

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Windows 7 has pretty stringent power saving options enabled by default so typically the processor is not being used to its full potential; this of course helps with heat and battery life.

Go into power options and set your laptop to high performance.

What may add to confusion is the tendency of manufacturers to include their own power management software on top of window's own

Most new laptops will be windows 7 64bit to take advantage of the full 4gb of ram

Look for intel core i3 or i5 processors with a dedicated graphics card (not integrated or onboard graphics) with at least 512mb of dedicated graphics memory - this will make the most of your software applications.

If you have the option, buy a laptop with a hard drive that spins at 7,200 rpm rather than 5,400 rpm

Have a look at asus or toshiba laptops as they have the best reliability in most studies; alternatively buy online through Dell

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