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Away, but back soon


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Hi Guys, been a little absent these last 2 weeks.

I hope to fix that this week, been a very busy bee of late, sorting out our lives.

The house at Lake Ohau gets Power put on this week all going well.

Tomorrow 2x 250m of 185mm2 cable gets run from the house to the National Powergrid.

This may not get the final connection till later in the week, so Solar and generator for a few more days.

Also tomorrow, I should have broadband in the house (finally) and be able to surf properly.

This is what I miss more than reliable power, dialup is not pretty any more at all :)

We now live in our permanently after all these years, and it's great.

I must get some piccies up of the house soon.

I'm so glad the drivers have been quiet, I should be able to catch up fairly quickly.

Thats all, go about your business :)

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You'll miss the sound of the generator and the frustration of using dialup when they're gone. :)

Happy to hear things are going well mate.

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What kind of generator is it? Is it a Diesel generator?

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The sound of the Petrol Generator will most certainly not be missed.

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