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I purchased my aspire 5520 in Mar. 2008 from Walmart.com. From the very beginning I thought this was a very good laptop, very comparable to laptops from other vendors. In fact, since then I have purchased other Acer products including an aspire one 532h, and have looked at upgrading my main monitor for desktop computer to an Acer. To this point now, my aspire has not given me any problems until yesterday, July 25. I have taken extra precautions since purchasing it to make sure that air vents aren't blocked and to make sure the main fan is clear of any dust. When I went to turn my laptop on yesterday, all the normal lights came on, I heard the dvd drive spin up as normal, and then it went into this infinite reboot before the machine even posted. I took out the battery, and tried to boot with just the power cord, same thing. Unhooked power cord, and let it rest for a while, same thing. I looked the problem up on the internet, someone suggested to hold power button down for over 1 minute without battery or power cord. Still no joy. Pressed for time, I set the laptop aside and used my desktop to finish my work. I then decided to start taking out the electronics one by one, first hard drive, trying to reboot, but same thing. Removed the memory, same thing. Took out the wireless card, same thing. Modem and dvd drive, same thing. Since this motherboard has the built in nvidia 7000m, I have no way of testing it.

I have had laptops previous to this, one especially i am fond of, an Averatec. Small computer, but going strong now 6 years later. I have had my aspire 5520 now for a little over two years, and now it is basically a paperweight. I know that in these tough economic times, public relations is crucial. People, as myself, look to customer feedback as to problems end users have with products, and which products are the best for your money. I have recommened Acer now to many people, as I have appreciated your products up til now. I need a product though that last for more than 2 years and 4 months.

Long story short, and two emails with replies basically saying the same thing, the only option they give me is to give them $200 and ship my computer to texas or ontario.

Just needing to rant and to express my opinion of another company that is letting their p.r. go down the drains. I will never buy another Acer product now, if I can help it. I would seriously ask others to consider the customer support of such a company, and not give one red cent of their hard earned money to this company.

Can I hear from some of you????

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Yes a product 'should' work for longer than 2 years but you're generally only covered for 1 unless they state otherwise. I'd not criticise a company for wanting money for repairs if its out of warranty in any way, the only time id have cause for complaint is if their products are known to fail.

You cant base your view of a companies on 1 product that has failed, it could be for any number of reasons outside Acers control and whilst its a big issue to you the customer its probably one of a few out of a large amount that havent failed to them. If you bought more Acer products and then had similar issues then you have cause for complaint and reason to doubt your recommendation

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