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Windows 7 S-video out?


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So I was running Windows XP Home on my Laptop for a long time and then i had an issue and decided to format and do a fresh OS install, I got a free copy of Windows 7 from my school so I installed that. Now when I had Windows XP I could connect my laptop with an S-vido/Audio -> Red-White-Yellow (RCA?) to my TV and stream video and what not using the clone option from the NVIDIA control panel. Now I have Windows 7 with the newest 179.48 driver and it will not recognize the connection to the TV in order to do the clone. I have tried finding older Vista 32 bit drivers and installing those, I tried like 3 different ones, but none of them were able to allow the detection of the TV. Yes I have done the Rigorous Display Detection on each and allowed the Force TV Detection and tried restarting with that option, and none of them detected the TV. I have heard Windows 7 has problems with TV Out in the drivers, does anyone know of drivers from Vista that work for TV out, or any solution? Or should I just format again and re-install XP Home?

Thanks For any help,


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