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How to overclock your Core 2 Duo CPU

Guest Robbo

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Hi All, this is the first time I've posted a topic on here, but I couldn't help myself seeing as I've finally found a way to overclock the CPU in my Dell M1530 by 10% at full CPU load!!

It's based on a little trick into tricking the CPU to run in 'Dual IDA mode'. Normally IDA mode can only work on one core at a time, but now with this trick you can force BOTH cores to run in IDA mode at the SAME time. This effectively meant that my T7250 which normally runs at 2Ghz when both cores are fully loaded, will now run at 2.2Ghz with both cores fully loaded. That's a 10% overclock!! (By the way the tool I'm going to show you also enables you to undervolt your CPU at the same time - double bonus!!).

This is how you do it. You use a free piece of software called ThrottleStop. You can find it at the following link in the first post of the forum on that link (just click on the ThrottleStop link when you get to the forum in the following link):


Also, in that link above (also in the first post), you will find a link to click on for instructions on how to use the program.

Now for the enabling of the overclocking by using ThrottleStop, follow the instructions located in the first post of the following link:


This all sounds a little bit complicated, but it's not really if you take the time to read the first posts at each of the links I've given you above.

Well, good luck with your 'overclocking' of you CPU, and post back to let me & everyone else know how you got on. I can't believe I finally discovered how to overclock the CPU on this computer, the SetFSB program (often used for laptop overclocking) didn't even work for me, but this does!

Bonus 10% performance, plus the ability to undervolt in a small free program can't be bad!!


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Hi All,

I'm the same guy that started this thread, I was lightly persuaded by MobileNvidia to join as a full member. I vouch for these modifications I have done and I would welcome any questions you may have, maybe I could help you implement some of these things I have done!


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