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Another 10 Days


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That's how long the next Nvidia driver release is still off being finished.

After being delayed and a bug found, there is still some reason why it will be 2 months between releases.

EDIT - Some are saying it is all down to the DX7 fix.


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I think most of the delay is due to issues with the new 4xx series cards. Apparently, there are a few problems with the performance of these cards, especially in sli, where people have been reporting worse performance with 4xx sli than they used to get with 8xxx sli. Because the drivers are now 'unified' in NVidia terminology they don't want to release drivers until all their problems are sorted for all generations of their hardware. I guess unified drivers might mean slower driver releases!

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Nvidia drivers have always been unified. That new "unified" propaganda is just about adding a larger amount of cards in inf file in every new release of drivers instead of make small n large support versions leaving some customers out in some releases. It's like Nvidia drivers got infs almost like modded infs in this site. The difference is Nvidia exclude only manufacters that don't want Nvidia to release drivers for their machines - like Sony - which exist in this site modded infs.

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