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Guest Mark Sutton

Good Morning,

Has anyone put the ATI Mobility RADEON HD3650 card into a Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO M3438G ?

I wonder if you can help me please ?

I have a Fujitsu-Siemens AMILIO M3438G laptop

I am attempting to replace the Nvidia Go7600 graphics card with an ATI Mobility RADEON HD3650 MXM II 512Mb card

The two problems I expected are not really causing a problem, the DC coil stands high so I was advised to cut the heatsink . I don't think this is necessary as my heatsink is shaped a little and seems to accommodate it ok. Secondly, I have no screw mounting posts on the new card to screw the heatsink into.

Again I don't think this is a problem as when all the other screws are in and tightened down there seems to be sufficient pressure on the card so that the GPU and memory chips make firm contact with the thermal pads on the heatsink.


When I start up the laptop the BIOS screen displays fine but then after about 10 seconds the laptop shuts down.

I suspect this is due to the laptop BIOS checking the new graphics adaptor and deciding it does not like it and so shuts down

Is this a VBIOS incompatability with my laptop problem on the ATI card ?

Am I right about this ? and if so what can I do about it ?

Many many thanks for any help you can offer

Mark R Sutton

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I have the same question!


I have found that the HD3650 256MB should work, but the 512Mb version don't. Something to do with memory conflicts.

But i'm waiting for a reply of an ebay seller.

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