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wireless N for HP dv6000us


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Would anyone know what N card that has up to 300MB would work in a HP dv6000us. This machine has an AMD Turion Processor and so far it seems from many reviews

that the cards that I have found will not work. Does anyone have an suggestions? Is the reason the card will not work is because of the Centrino technology or

something else? I wanted to or planned to go with an Intel card but I would just be happy with one that could do N speeds and would work with the dv6000 without


thanks for the help

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Do you already have the laptop?If you have not already DO NOT buy a HP laptop (Specifically the DV**** and TX**** laptops) from HP because all of their motherboards are defective and will break.

If this has already happened and your previous wireless card has failed a replacement will not even work (If your replacing)

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already purchased some time ago. It is not my machine and now I feel bad that I suggested that the person buy it LOL

I felt at the time for the money and features it was the best option but looking at it now I feel bad. Anyway the card

works fine but I was hoping to upgrade the machine so it could use the N technology and so most if not all of the devices

in the house would be N.


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