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Best performance driver for Quadro NVS 135M windows 7/32?


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Hi all,

I am using a dell d630 with nvidia quadro nvs135m video card. My old laptop was a dell with lower specs then this one but my fps was higher. I was wondering if anyone can suggest me a way to increase my performance for gaming especially world of warcraft. At the moment i am using the 267.76 driver from laptopvideo2go but still can not get FPS higher then 12-13 in many places ( all game settings are minimum) which makes game into hell. I do not care about graphic quality but all i need here is increasing the fps performance atm.

So is there anyone who has same video card and happy with its driver version that he/she can suggest me to use. Also what settings do u suggest me to do on nvidia control pannel for best performance FPS.



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Also is there a way to increase my shared video capacity. it says the card have 128/256MB vram so do i have a chance to incresed the default value to 256 or it increses its value when needed?

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Well you can not change the amount of shared video ram unless you buy more system ram for your PC but shared video memory does not increase performance.

You could change the amount of video ram to use from your system ram in the bios if that option is there.

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I installed an old version driver from here 197.16 and it seems the fps in game (~10-15fps while playing) is better with it. But still not satisfied with the capacity of the laptop vs the fps i got (with minimum settings in game. Any suggested driver version for this card to get best performance?

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Guest Sebastian Gentanyi

I also have the same problem with Fifa 11...my specs are;

nVIDIA quadro NVS 135M

Approx total Memory 1392MB

with 32-bit (75Hz) refresh rate

Driver version 280.6 32-bit winvista/7

my Laptop Specs are;

Dell D630

Intel Centrino Duo core @2.27 Ghz

Ram 3.0 GB

I believe my laptop specs meet the minimum requirements for the Fifa 11 game but the game does not run smooth..it is very laggy..it runs in slow motion but no crashes..not hang..please help me with the settings or advice for the Game to run on my pc.

N/B; - Sometimes it runs smooth but most of the times it is in slow motion...please help

Sebastian - Tanzania

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