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Trying to find drivers to run UDK on my HP Laptop


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Hi. I have to use the Unreal Development Kit for a school project and while we have labs, it would be much less of a hassle to get UDK running on my laptop. It's an HP dv9000 with an NVIDIA Geforce Go 6150. When trying to run UDK, an error said that my graphics card did not support alpha-blending which is required by UDK. I ran an update check and my device manager says I have the most up to date driver. Are there any drivers or updates out there that could fix that?



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I have a hp dv9646em it has 8400m gs i didn't know the massive change in graphics chips between versions was this big! the 6 series of cards is old! my one could probably only just scrape the barrel off the UDK if i tried to use it! It overheats enough as it is as this model on laptop has got a notoriety of being faulty with the graphics.

Give updating the driver a go and see what happens. You can find the most recent driver for your card at www.nvidia.com

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I tried that and it directed me to the HP site, since that particular card was modified by HP. According to them I have the current drivers. I was hoping there was a open source driver I could use or an early version of Unreal3?

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