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This program tweaks the Nvidia driver for higher performance.

There are two settings to choose from: Peformance and Tweaked.

Both options will modify the default driver values to try and force higher performance with a loss in image quality.

The Tweaked option is less aggressive than the Performance option and turns on additional settings for higher image quality with little to no loss to performance.


Both these options adjust values exposed in the Nvidia control panel and some values not exposed.

I also added two more options to show SLI indicator and PhysX indicator.

To reset the driver file to default settings you can go to the Nvidia control panel and select Restore Default.

This tool supports all Mobile and Desktop cards, all OS with driver 256.xx and above installed.

Version 1.0.1

- Fixed issue with Ok and Apply not adding the same settings for Tweaked option

- Added Restore button - restores profile to default values

- Set Performance option as first option in Combobox

- Updated Help.txt


If you have a laptop and have problems installing drivers then you can use my other tool (LV2GO++) to modify drivers to make it compatible for laptops.

This is found here:

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updated first post to include link and changes to version 1.0.1

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Cheers, I recommend you use the Tweaked option as they are similar to the tweaked drivers i did in the past.

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Guest darkly18

Any chance to post the link on something accessible in China? Mediafire and 4shared are blocked - can I suggest filesonic, hotfile or fileplanet? Many thanks and I remain always a fan of your mods!

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