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Any Support for the Alienware m15x, 8700M?


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Hi everyone, I'm an oldtime lurker for LaptopVideo, tech savvy enough to custombuild desktops, but definitely not savvy enough to understand most of what's being discussed in this forum.

I'm Part of the crowd who apparently got stuck with the 2008 Edition of the m15x Alienware laptop.. And updating past 187.xx Gives me a Code 43 Error, even when using modified INFs from this site.

I've googled hard enough to find a few other people who have had this same problem, and although they never found a solution, they said that the "closest" they've ever come was this forum.

Does anyone here know if there have ever been modded drivers made to work for the m15x on hybrid technology- Specifically for the 8700M or 8800M series NVIDIA?


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well does anyone have an answer? I've been stuck with the 186 drivers ever since then.

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No idea - but thye hybrid support was dropped somewhere in 250-260 series drivers - probably the changelogs would give an exact answer.

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